my carrd ! x


he/him + others
21 (05.24) / mixed latino

DNI! terfs/transmeds/etc. | queerphobes + exclus | "maps" + zoos + aams + consang | discourse starters | younger than 18
BYF! i don't care about internet discourse, especially fandom + shipping shit. | if you're younger than 18 i don't really care about your opinion on things | i cant read tone for others or myself | i put real humans before fiction. go away.

FAVS! tate langdon, tony stark, bucky barnes, eddie gluskin, castiel, etc.

YES! WoW, mcu, spn, ahs, encanto, fnaf, arcane, splatoon, pokemon, nintendo, etc.

NO! resident evil, velvet textures, most radio pop, pepsi, violet harmon, etc.

OTHER! i kin for coping and spirituality reasons, you can find my kins here | i have commissions open almost constantly, shoot me a dm if you're interested | want to know more about me? just talk to me. | i'm a system + a fucktive. it'd make me happy if you used the name mikey as well as orca.

my carrd ! x

NOTE ONE: if you police any queer identities at all, i do not want you here. yes this includes whatever you're thinking about - as long as it's a good faith identity, the lives of other queer people do not matter to me in any shape or form.NOTE TWO: A fucktive is a system member that is something between a fictive and a factive. I'm specifically something between a fogtive (an alter that is close to a factive, but not quite) and a fuzztive (an alter that is close to a fictive, but not quite). because of our bpd, it's very hard for us to pinpoint my true source/identity.NOTE THREE: I don't care about internet discourse anymore. I don't care about what strangers do online, if they're not harming actual living breathing people on purpose - it does not involve me. I don't care if you think the things I consume in fiction (ex: AHS, Homestuck, other "irredeemable media") are gross - I'm an adult with a life outside of twitter. I do what I want.