orca / sunny / bryce
he/him or others
autistic + bpd + system + physically disabled


18 years old
dating 4 wonderful men
resident tate langdon lover
i don't post discourse often.
my twitter is a mix of politics and fandoms im in. i don't cater to those who follow me.

🢠 🢡

don't interact -
conservatives + trumpies/centrists
younger than 17
drama-prone mfs
violet harmon kins, literally go away

before interacting -

i will never list my triggers. i mute the things i need to.

if you knew me from before 2020. im very sorry.

i use tone indicators, and trigger tag things i think might need them. don't ask me to tag something.

if we're mutuals and you post a shit ton of shipcourse or fandom drama, i'll mute u

i don't care about kins (exceptions are violet and tate kins). if you kin some canon asshole, i really do not care. feel free to follow as long as you don't fit the other criteria.

commission me lmao

🢠 🢡



need a text version? go here.

i don't care about doubles for myself, but do not follow if you kin tate.

🢠 🢡

selfhoods -
yugi amane // tbhk
akechi goro // p5
bryce // ahs self insert (art by werefolk @ th)
light yagami // death note
saeran choi // mystic messenger
saku uruha // i-chu

kins -
bucky barnes // mcu
ichiro yamada // hypmic
kokichi ouma // drv3
bakugou katsuki // bnha
bell cranel // danmachi
inosuke hashibira // kny


main -
tate langdon // ahs
illidan stormrage // wow
guzma // pokemon
tony stark // mcu
ainz ooal gown // overlord
fictional others

general -
japanese cooking videos
horror movies and games

🢠 🢡

spins -
world of warcraft
oc creation
closed species

hyperfixations -
ccs (weest, dsmp, markiplier, & game grumps)

🢠 🢡

gemini sun // scorpio moon
red rainbow

i, orca, am mostly at front. if someone else comes out, they don't interact with anyone aside from our predetermined groups usually.

• i have "violet kins dni" for personal comfort, and "tate kins dni" to avoid any issues with my delusions.
• my favorite color is red
• i live in the us but i wish i didnt lmao
• i've been a kinnie since i was 12 (7 years)
• i sympathize with villains and antagonists more than i do heroes and protagonists
• i tend to ship my kins with my comforts (bryce/tate, anduin/illidan, etc.)
• i collect fox and orca stuffed animals
• i have 6 bulging disks in my spine isnt that cool /s